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Sick Days for eBay?

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Getting sick is the worst. Not only are we feeling terrible, but sometimes there is the added stress of the deadlines you’re missing. As part-time eBay seller, it’s worse since I have a full time job on top of this hobby. Recently I got sick, and then my daughter got sick another time. Here’s how I dealt with those situations!

I get migraines. Thanks Mom! 🙂 When I get them, I’m at minimum out of commission for that day plus the next. After that, it’s just a throbbing headache.

I also have two daughters in daycare. Nearly every other week someone is sick. Yesterday, we had to take my younger daughter to the doctor. Twice. Coughing, wheezing, and ended up getting a fever. We’re proud owners of a nebulizer now.

Sick Baby eBay

This random internet kid needs a hug.

Both of these situations suck. Whether you’re getting sick yourself or you’re tending to a sick family member, that needs to be priority. So how can you deal with eBay when all of this goes down?

First, I’m going to be glad for the slow February of 2016. I’ve had some sales but it’s definitely worse than usual. Good. That’s one less thing stressing me out.

Second, I push out goals. Listing is a priority, but life takes priority over this. Being sick isn’t an excuse (as long as you’re really sick and not just feeling a bit off).

This is where eBay shines. That listing can be put off to when you feel better with no consequences other than delayed future sales. If you’re doing eBay on the side, then you can relax.

I can only imagine how people do this full time. It’s the same with any small business entrepreneur. You really don’t get sick days. Those bills still need to get paid.

If that’s the case for you, I’d say that you need to rest as much as possible. Being out of commission for a day is better than being near-worthless for a week! Maybe try to find some help from someone willing to drop your packages off?

A few other tips:

  • Take advantage of your full shipping and handling time.
  • Use USPS pickup. Even if it’s just one small package, they will pick it up from your door for free as long as you request it the night before. The mobile website makes it even easier to do right from your account.
  • Learn – check out Facebook groups (or blogs) dedicated to reselling. If you can’t sleep, at least use the time to find some more BOLOs!

Once you feel better, make sure to get back into listing with a vengeance! I always struggle a bit when I’ve taken a break for any reason.

Hopefully, you have a good reason/drive for why you’re trying to sell online. It’s tough to get back into the swing of things but I always feel better after I do.

Have you ever gotten sick when you were supposed to be shipping packages? How about a family member?

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  1. I guess I’ve never been sick enough where I couldn’t ship…well, thinking about it, I guess I have. I have a recurring pulled muscle in my back. It usually hits me once a year. I think I got lucky last year as I didn’t happen. But when it does..I AM out of commission for at least a few days..literally can’t even get out of bed. So yeah, thank goodness for being able to change shipping/handling times and having a hubby who can package for you.

    And wow, your migranes get that bad? That’s awful. How often do they occur?

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      Yeah, they’re pretty bad. I used to get them once or twice a year, but the past year or so has seen a spike. Light is generally the trigger (light reflecting off of stuff really bugs me). My wife wants me to go on daily meds but I’m continuing to fight that battle!

  2. You don’t really even have to request a pickup the night before through USPS. I usually put a note in the mailbox that I have priority packages to pick up on porch and they get them when they deliver the mail.

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      That’s awesome that you have that good of a relationship with your mail carrier. I can do the same thing, but out of respect to them and their work process, I like to try to do it the correct way. This way, it’ll get tracked in the USPS system and I’m sure there are business metrics that are calculated to check workload and times and all that.

  3. I agree that if this was a full time business you would be in some trouble. As a part time ebay/amazon seller myself I like the freedom that “on my own time” gives me. It makes this a fun hobby over a mundane JOB.

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      Right? There’s also the aspect of being able to work really hard when you want and then relax. Shipping a few items is still better than having to sit in the office (or behind a counter) all day when you’re sick!

  4. Fortunately I haven’t gotten that sick in a long time where I couldn’t ship things out, but I do travel with my husband when he travels for work and I put my eBay store on vacation when we go. I totally agree with you about how tough it is to get back into the swing of things in terms of listing, once you have been away from it for awhile. But once I do get back into it, the sales soar again, which keeps me motivated.

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  5. I feel your migraine pain. I used to have them regularly when I worked an away job. Stress? Don’t know but since I have been away from the office environment (and Susie) I haven’t had but one migraine in 9 years. I was on vacation the first of February and when I came back after a week I was sick. I came back on Thursday with the intention of getting all my packages out on Friday. Sick!! Didn’t happen. What I didn’t think about was that the next Monday was President’s Day holiday. I finally got everything out on Tuesday, thank goodness. By then I had 32 packages ready to go and was thankful for the extra day to get back in the groove. When adults are sick its bad but when the kiddos are sick also it seems to multiply everything by 1,000.

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