Striptease Highball Glasses

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This set of striptease glasses were the kind of item that jumps right out at you. As my wife will attest, I’m a typical dude…

And ladies? Don’t turn away! There’s something special a little later for you!

Just be careful though, sets of glasses are a PITA to ship. You really need to buy low to profit on an item like this!

Adults only from here on! Some of the photos are NSFW-ish. Don’t want anyone to get in trouble! πŸ™‚

Vintage Striptease Highball Glasses

Playboy Striptease Glasses

Friends using these glasses – funny. Older guy who looks like a dad using these glasses with some younger people – kind of creepy…

The premise behind these glasses is that as the glass gets cold, the water condenses, and the white lingerie that the girls are wearing disappears! Instead of curing diseases, there were men in laboratories trying to figure out how to mimic a girl undressing. Can’t say I’m surprised.

This set that I had was from 1977, so the fact that the box is a little distressed isn’t that big of a worry. The key to collectible glasses with this white, disappearing material is that the white is still there.

Over time and use, the white lingerie/bikinis will begin to wear off. Then you’re just stuck with a set of glasses with naked ladies on them. Who would want those? Seriously though, collectors wouldn’t. They want the glasses to be in good shape.

My set wasn’t perfect. 1 of the girls in the set had some wear. Notice the glass on the right.

Playboy Striptease Glasses 2

These are only used in the classiest of situations…

The paper insert gives instructions on how to wash the glasses, but again, even if you follow them to a T, they’re going to start to wear. The ones that are in mint condition can go for almost double what I got.

I did have a hard time letting go of this set, and I may have used them a few times with friends… It makes it easier to rationalize a “less than ideal profit” when you get to use it for a while before you sell it for a profit!

And now for any female readers…

Don’t think I forgot about you. If you want a good bachelorette party item, then look no further!

Playboy Striptease Glasses Male

I’ve tried to crop off the “naughty” parts since the full pictures don’t leave much to the imagination.

Now, you may think you’re set, but sorry ladies, you’re going to have to pay more for these! The set that sold on eBay that I borrowed the picture from went for $50 more than mine! I guess the male glasses are just a little more difficult to find.

Now to the numbers:

  • Purchase price – $2
  • End Selling Price – $29.50
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $18.18

Total Profit: $9.32

Well that’s a bummer. Still made a profit but no one’s knocking down my door over < $10! Especially when the item sold for $30! Shipping costs killed me here.

eBay shipping costs when starting out

First, I didn’t have a box that I could put the glasses in so I had to buy one. This is a common problem when you are starting out in the online re-selling business. When you get a little bigger, you can buy boxes or mailers in bulk. In the beginning though, if you’re trying to limit your $ input, then you’re going to have to buy the boxes and mailers at Walmart or Staples. The box I bought for these glasses was about $3.

Next, there’s the shipping itself. You can’t really do anything there.Β  The set was ~ 1-2 pounds. I’m not sure where it went, but it cost over $10 to ship. Ugh!

When you’re buying, you want to not only make sure that it’s going to sell high enough for a profit, but you also want to make sure that you can ship it easily too. Here’s my 3-step tried and true method:

1. Weigh the item. Add on a bit for a box/packing material (if necessary).

2. For the East Coast, use the USPS/FedEx/UPS site and put in your zip code. For the destination, use the most popular zip code you can think of in California.

eBay Calirornia Shipping Beverly Hills, 90210 Cast

90’s rejoice! We won’t talk about that recent (2008) rehash.

Beverley Hills, 90210!

For any of you west coasters, just use an easy NY zip code – 10001. These two zip codes will give you a really good estimate of your shipping costs. If you live in the middle of the country, pick one and don’t complain. You save a ton of money on shipping!

3. That’s it.

As I sell more and more on eBay, I’ve definitely stayed away from large items unless I know that I can sell it for a HUGE profit. If I’m only making $10 on an item, I want it to be quick and easy to ship, like a video game. I don’t want to have to go to a store, buy a box, spend a lot of time wrapping the item, and then pay a lot for shipping! On top of all that, the heavier items mostly go UPS or FedEx, so that means I’ll have to stop by a different store.

We’ll finish up with a deep quote from Beverly Hills 90210:

”It’s no trip around the world, but I think we could take quite a journey together.” – Brandon to Kelly Taylor

Personally, I like to say this to my wife early Saturday morning before hitting up some yard sales. So much for my romantic side…

-Dollar Flipper

Photo Credit:Β  Inf-Lite Teacher

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  1. Yup, that’s a creepy dude on the box for sure. lol. I used to live in PA so I feel your pain about shipping long distance. 9 times out of 10 if I offered free shipping on a two pound item, it was going to California. As a rule, I don’t list an item until I find a box for it which usually means early morning walks behind grocery stores, gift shops, etc. I almost always find the size I need eventually. It helps to buy merch that you know fits in priority flat rate boxes or padded mailers, but I’m sure you weren’t thinking about how you were going to ship those glasses when you bought them. πŸ˜‰

    1. Post

      LOL! I may have been a little distracted…
      You’re definitely right about the mailers though. That’s why I’ve been on a clothing kick. I’m able to ship everything either first class in a mylar bag or the padded mailer. Knowing you won’t go over $5.35 shipping helps a lot!

  2. That’s funny I use 90210 too! It’s so easy to remember that way. I’m in the midwest so I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I’d recommend ordering (they are free) a huge variety of sizes of priority boxes. Then don’t offer parcel select on items like this just priority and you will probably have a box that works.

    1. Post

      The priority boxes are a great idea. I haven’t ordered any because we don’t have a ton of space. I’ll keep that in mind if I end up getting a bigger area for my eBay stuff though!

    1. Post
  3. Don’t overlook places like Kmart or your local dollar store who can’t give boxes away fast enough. I love dropping by my dollar store early in the morning when they are restocking shelves. I walk away with enough boxes to last 2 months and the sizes range from small to extra large.

    1. Post

      That’s a great idea! I try to minimize the items that require boxes, but there’s always some good deals that I know will sell well which I can’t ignore. I haven’t tried stores for boxes though and will definitely keep it in mind!

  4. Funny glasses and you made a profit. I wonder if you had any issues with a buyer lying or saying they didn’t get the product? I want to sell more on EBAy but I am hesitant due to this issue.

    1. Post

      A buyer saying they did not receive an item is a non-routine situation. I probably ship about 5-10 items a week and I can count on 1 hand the # of items that have had issues. Two of my biggest offenders were cell phones which my wife and I sold since we got new ones. I’d stay away from those. I’m working on a “getting started” on eBay that hopefully has some easy tips, but one of mine is to stay away from easily breakable items. Stick to the simple ones that are easy to ship and you can’t really mess up!

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