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Tommy Hilfiger – eBay Clothing Series #3

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Still churning along with my clothing series and the Your Turn Challenge. You can check out posts #1 and #2 here and here!


The brand for Day #3 is Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger Vector Logo

The little flag will start to jump right out at you!

The Tommy line is a slightly more casual/middle of the line version of Ralph Lauren, but I don’t think there’s as much confusion with all the varying levels of quality. Tommy doesn’t have a high end like RL, so the shirts and sweaters are in the $75-$200 range new. I’m still shocked that people would even pay these prices for a shirt!

Because Tommy has a lower ceiling than Ralph Lauren, you have to be more selective. I have very specific types of Tommy Hilfiger clothing that I will buy. If I find a plain shirt that is a Tommy Hilfiger but doesn’t sport the logo or name on the outside, it goes right back on the rack. The profits just aren’t in the regular old shirts.

Remember, you’ll have less margin for error buying a TH shirt, but it can be good pick up if you stick to your guns. Here’s how I keep my profits in the green.

Tommy Hilfiger Tips

Heavy Flannels
Flannel Tommy Hilfiger Shirt eBay

This was a very heavy, warm shirt. Sold for $30.

Heavier just seems to sell better. This may be similar to my comment in the Ralph Lauren post yesterday, but I’m sure these flannels are a little more expensive than your regular long sleeve button front shirts when purchasing new.

Here’s a zoomed in version of the tag from above. It’s different than traditional red, white, and blue logo Tommy Hilfiger logo which you’ll find below. I’m guessing that this flannel si from a different clothing line in the Tommy family, but I haven’t been able to identify it. Because I can’t seem to find it now, I think it’s early 2000’s. I may be way off-target though, so don’t quote me!

Tommy Hilfiger Embroidered Logo

Notice this shirt has a different font and different design.

Awesome Designs

I talked about this yesterday, but it’s always a reminder that I want to hammer home. Ugly sells, and you can’t get much uglier than this paisley shirt:

Tommy Hilfiger Paisley Shirt eBay

Remember, no judging though. Whoever bought this has game if he can pull it off!

The paisley shirt sold for $40 in about a week after listing! I was glad to have it out of my house.

Embroidered Tommy Hilfiger Shirts

Some of the shirts have an embroidered TH or the lion seen below. I think the buyer wants to let everyone else know that they’re wearing Tommy Hilfiger. Just like the Ralph Lauren Pony.

Plaid Tommy Hilfiger Shirt eBay

Plaid + Bragging that you can afford Tommy Hilfiger = Profits

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Sweatshirts, Hoodies, or Jackets

Here’s a sailing jacket that I sold for $75 plus S/H. Bought at a neighborhood garage sale. Didn’t even have to drive there!

Vintage 90s Tommy Hilfiger Windbreaker

The lady wouldn’t give me a neighborhood discount and was firm on her $4 price. Still made a $60+ profit!

Bonus Tip: I used the key word “Hip Hop” in my title.

Reasoning? Several other jackets sold with the same key word. I don’t know if that’s a gray area of the eBay rules, but I figured it was worth a shot. I shipped it to France with no problems! Lesson is to do your research using completed listings. You can find some key words that you wouldn’t have thought to use.

I also figured out why “Hip Hop” is a such great key word for vintage Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Jeans, and the now defunct Tommy Sport from the 1990s. The brand was reallly popular with the hip hop scene at the time. Here’s a blog post that features pictures of Snoop Dogg (he wasn’t a lion yet), Vanilla Ice, Aaliyah, and Destiny’s Child all decked out in the Tommy gear. It’s still popular today, and eBay’s the only place you can get it!

Keep an eye out for any vintage Tommy clothing that says Made in USA or Made in Hong Kong. Both of these denote that the item is older and are a dead giveaway that you can have a real gem since they aren’t made in those countries anymore.

Vintage Tommy Completed Listings eBay

These prices are making me second guess the jacket I sold! Granted, mine was a small, so it probably wasn’t worth as much.

Remember to stay tuned for the rest of the week for some more brands/styles to be on the look out for!

Now I don’t know if I want to go sailing or listen to some rap music!