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tradu – a next generation research analytics tool for eBay sellers. Make sure to read on and comment for a chance to participate in the private beta (details at the end of post). You can help develop this application and tailor it to your needs as a reseller!

I’m going to get real honest first. I was very skeptical when Kevin from tradu reached out to me. I’ve reviewed another eBay tool in the past which was neat, but in the end, I ditched it as I don’t think it added a lot of value.

tradu has had the exact opposite effect on me.

As someone who’s only a part-time seller, I didn’t think that I’d get a lot of value from another eBay research tool. eBay has completed listing search. What else do I need?

That’s the thing, I’m not only an eBay seller anymore, I’ve also become a part time blogger. The work I put in here doesn’t really justify the time that’s required, but the analytics that WordPress, Google, MailChimp, and affiliate programs provide are invaluable in showing which directions I should focus my efforts. I have limited time, and I want to get the most bang for my buck. Analytics and feedback help me make sure that I’m not just spinning my wheels. So why aren’t I using analytics on eBay? eBay’s site is stuck in the stone age (with very slow improvements over the years).

tradu lets you create flexible Web 2.0 analytics that I’ve come to expect for my blog, but now it’s finally there for my eBay business. You know the graphs and data that we’ve been clamoring for for years?

They’re here and providing a sorely needed solution.

First and foremost, let’s get the most important question out of the way. How do you pronounce tradu?

tradu = “trade-you”

tradu ebay research tool

I wish my site looked this slick!

The two options when you log into tradu are “research” and “titlebuilder”.

I’m going to talk about the titlebuilder first because this is the most exciting for me.

tradu Titlebuilder

In the past, I’ve wasted time tweaking listings. There was no rhyme or reason for the changes. I would play around with picture order, change the keywords, add in different spellings of Large vs. L. I had no idea what worked. I only knew that my current listing hadn’t worked for a while.

Spinning your wheels changing random listing values is a waste of time. Researching ways to improve your listings based on real data is worthwhile.

The titlebuilder has such rich information. Take a look at one of my favorite items to flip – Vintage Tommy Hilfiger clothing. Think of the advantage that you’ll have when you can see that adding the word “rare” to your listing will improve selling performance.

tradu review titlebuilder vintage tommy hilfiger ebay research tool

Just don’t be a jerk and add it to a NWT Tommy Hilfiger shirt that is not old stock!

Look at that! I’m able to see how many other sellers are using certain keywords, and I see the ones that help add value to a listing. Quantitative performance improvements! As someone who deals with data analytics at work, this has got me drooling!

tradu Research

tradu doesn’t only help out with keywords. It also provides analytics of sales including Time of Day, Days of the week, how items have been selling over time, sell-through rates, etc.

Unbelievable stuff!

vintage ll bean boots tradu ebay tool research reseller

Search was for “vintage ll bean boots”.

I’d never even thought about the time of my listing impacting sales. I thought it was important for auctions, but now that I think about it a bit, it makes sense.

When you watch an item on eBay, you’ll get a reminder when it’s about to end even if it’s a Good Til’ Canceled item. This happens a few hours before the listing ends, so if you could time this with peak sale hours (right before bed), you could definitely improve your sales.

There are some other eBay research tools out there, but tradu is different.

Worthpoint doesn’t really add much value in the current research realm. I think it’s geared towards antiques and collectibles. They are helpful when you see there was a sale in 2006 for this super strange item, and you want to know the selling price. If it’s worth a couple grand, Worthpoint could help you out.

On the other hand, there’s Terapeak. Ignoring their pretty steep pricing, the reviews seem to show that the site may  have gone down the crapper.

They’re a big company now and if my personal experience with large companies has told me anything – they’re not willing to change for the customer. They’re of the Henry Ford mindset and ready to sell you a car in any color as long as it’s black.

tradu can be a much better option. It’s new, it has that fresh look and feel, and it has developers that are open, ready, and willing to improve.

Analytics You didn’t Know You Wanted

This tool has opened my eyes to what I love selling. Outputs from tradu confirm that my go-to items generally sell in the ~$30 range and have a sell through rate of 22%. Is this ideal? It depends! It seems to be working for me, but I’m only doing this part time.

There are people who sell $10 items on eBay all day long. They sell tons of them. They understand that they need to sell 10 items at a high volume to make that same profit that I am on one or two items. I have no qualms about this as long as they don’t complain about their situation.

The important thing is to understand your business, and we all know that there are limitations to every model.

I’ve chosen to hit a market that is mostly clothes, ideally sells in the $30-50+ range. This allows me to find deals for $5 and under and know that I’m within my window.

Using tradu, I can see which of the items I’m selling has a better sell through rate. This information can feed into my future purchases.

tradu Pricing

This isn’t set in stone. I asked Kevin this question, and I got a very reasonable response:

“We’re going to offer different plans with different functionalities after beta, so I’m sure we will find an appropriate plan for everyone.”

The key takeaway is that they are going to offer different options for different people.

Don’t forget that including the features above, there’s also a few that I didn’t even get to mention: see current listings on a search, compare to other marketplaces, and searching for top sellers within a search.

tradu Beta and Giveaway Details

Remember, tradu is in beta and there may be some kinks. The system won’t be perfect right out of the box, but Kevin and Nico have been CRAZY responsive. They even have a chat built into the application that allows for you to get in touch fast. If this application is working well, it’s a win-win for the tradu team and eBay sellers using it.

They’re also already looking at ways to improve the app like expanding the data set to a year, adding in more price comparisons in the marketplace, search by eBay usernames, and saved searches (actually just went live!).

I only have 10 invite codes, so please comment and let us know how you envision using tradu in your research. I’ll pick 10 commenters at random on Saturday morning, so you only have 48 hours!!

*BONUS* If you share this article on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, you’ll get one extra entry 🙂 But make sure you let us know you did it in a *separate* comment below so you get credit for it.

UPDATE – Contest over!

Thanks to all who gave responses. If you missed out or found this too late, just head on over to and sign up for  a Beta. They will be expanding it over time, so you might get lucky and get an invite!




Comments 23

  1. I have been searching for a good method to improve my eBay listings. This sounds promising and I would like to give it a try. Thanks!

  2. I’m excited but guarded. I’ve used worthpoint, terrapeak, etc. But I haven’t found the info that is really needed to make a significant change in sales. It sounds like tradu is really trying to change that space! I love that chat feature.

  3. I’d love to try out the titlebuilder for more competitive listings.

  4. Sounds like just what I’m looking for. I’ve found both Worthpoint and Terapeak inconsistand and not always aplicable to my business.

  5. I’d definitely use this to overhaul my current listings, which aren’t getting nearly the number of eyeballs on them as I’d like.

  6. This looks like it would be an incredible help polishing off listing and finding niche key words. I would use this product to revamp my flipping operation to achieve a higher level of success.

  7. There are some items I have had listed for over a year that haven’t sold. If I got different keyword suggestions, and then something sold, I would certainly be sold on this product! More data is always fun too.

  8. I’ve used Worthpoint in the past and it was useful for those vintage one-of-a-kind items but this tool sounds like it would be far more helpful overall. I’d be very interested to try it, especially for keyword suggestions and pricing help. The timing aspect is something I’ve never really considered (outside of auctions), so that would be of great interest as well. Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. I would first use the title help to tweak all of my existing listings that don’t seem to be getting any attention despite having below market prices and good photographs. I’ve had several Eileen Fisher open front cardigan tops that don’t seem to be getting any views. I see them selling for great prices almost double what I have them listed for. I tweak my titles, change the price (up & down), but I just kind of feel like I’m guessing in the dark. Having something to help choose the right words would be great. I probably wouldn’t use the tool for some of my cheaper items that sell well already but for more expensive items ($50+) it would be worth the time to check out exactly what words help in the title.

    Also seeing the sell through & other misc selling data would be nice. It would be interesting to see if the time of day an item was listed really made a difference for buy it now items. I list mostly in the early-mid afternoon so if listing later would help that would be important information to have!

  10. I have a store of about 1150 items (WJKproducts). I started by selling anything I could find at yard sales and I am still doing that. Lately I’ve been focusing on flatware (forks, knives, etc) and would really like to see what keywords will give me an advantage over other sellers.


  11. I am definitely curious as to what sells best in my eclectic inventory. Seeing my numbers would definitely streamline the process.

  12. I’m re-starting on Ebay after a long absence and the Titlebuilder and other resources would really help me launch.

  13. I would LOVE to try this! I am trying to get a clear vision of what I want my Ebay business to look like. I don’t think TeraPeak or Worthpoint would be of much help for me. Sounds like this would be a great help.
    Thanks Chris!

  14. Sometimes I don’t know where to start with my listing. Tradu seems like a great place to do that!!

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