Ugly Christmas or Aztec Clothing on eBay

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Ugly – It’s a Matter of Opinion

We all have different tastes. One thing I’ve noticed is the more garish or eye-grabbing some piece of clothing is, the better it will sell on eBay!

Maybe the person is planning on attending a fun, themed party. Maybe they really have bad tastes. Maybe they never got out of that neon 90s phase. Maybe their in that awkward teenage stage where every decision they make is cringe-worthy (been there done that).

The important thing to me isn’t the why though; if it’s selling, I’ll buy it at a thrift store or a garage sale!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are apparently a popular thing now-a-days.  I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been to one – or even invited! Plus, let’s be honest, even if I got an ugly Christmas sweater, I’d probably just sell it on eBay… like I already did.

When I found this sweater at the local thrift store, I honestly thought that I might use it.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Snowflakes

On the “ugly” spectrum, this sweater is pretty tame.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest

This guy has no shame. I’d need a few beers before wearing the one on the left…

I’m not a shy guy, but my sweater seemed to be a perfect fit for someone who wants to attend an ugly Christmas sweater party but didn’t want to stand out too much. On top of the relaxed design, the sweater was WARM. It was Shetland Wool, and I made sure to include that in the title since these are important keywords.

Here’s the details of this sale:

  • Purchase price – $4
  • End Selling Price – $34.99
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $10.25

Total Profit: $20.74

This ugly sweater sold within a week. I could have even saved another $0.09 by using a Priority Mail Padded Flatrate Envelope. USPS ships these to your house FOR FREE, and they save you a ton of money when you’re shipping across the country.

Just as an FYI, you may have to re-list clothing that’s holiday specific a few times until it gets a little closer. For an ugly Christmas sweater, it will probably sell in the October – November time frame since the season is right around the corner and most parties are right after Thanksgiving.

Ugly Western or Aztec Shirts

Western and Aztec clothing is popular now according to some of the eBay experts like The Bonafide Hustler. I’ll take him at his word since I’ve done pretty well in this category even though I think the patterns are pretty… pretty ugly. I’m going to skip over pearl snap shirts because that’s worthy of a post on its own.

Aztec is a keyword which gets thrown around a lot, but I use it when there’s the jagged pattern or a dessert theme.

Azted Pattern Dress

The Aztec pattern is not the first thing to jump out and grab my attention from this dress… The chunk at the bottom is the specific pattern I was talking about

And here’s the Aztec themed Territory Ahead shirt that I recently sold:

Ugly Azted Shirt

Ugly to me, awesome to some other guy.

Let’s just assume he also wore a cowboy hat, snake skin boots, and a bolo tie to complete the outfit. Or maybe he’s just a hipster. Either way, I made some good money on this shirt.

  • Purchase price – $4
  • End Selling Price – $29.99
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $7.64

Total Profit: $18.35

Ugly Clothing – It grabs your attention!

The best part about ugly clothing like this is that it jumps out at you when you’re looking through the clothes racks at the thrift store. It does the work for you! And that’s the point. Clothing like this isn’t made to be worn in board rooms. It’s got personality.  It’s made for fun, and I’m betting the people who purchased these shirts from me had a blast.

-Dollar Flipper

Photo Credit: The Ugly Sweater Shop, Angela Dissected