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Vintage Electronics Swag

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Looking back, I should have done a nerd month. I hit D&D books, Japanese Manga, a video game from my collection, and this awesome chemistry T-Shirt image. Now I’m talking about vintage electronics branded clothing!

“I bought the coolest shirt on eBay this weekend!” – Some Engineer

I’ll get to what put me in the mood to talk about this topic with a flip at the end, but I’ll start by looking at some of the popular brands that I would grab if I saw them in the thrift store. IBM, Mac, and Microsoft.


IBM is over 100 years now! How crazy is that? They started off by selling a dial recorder, big adding machines, and a machine to track worker’s punching in and out (not too surprised about this one). Even though super computers didn’t really become a thing until the 1960s, they actually had one of their machines called that in the 1930s.

Vintage IBM Electronics Shirt eBay Sold

The mannequin in the last listing above cracks me up. I think he’s on steroids!

None of these shirts are selling for big money, but they’d definitely be a solid buy for a few bucks. The 90s colors totally jump out at you too.


We all know Microsoft. Started by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in the 70’s, got ‘kind of’ popular in the 90s, and now Bill is the world’s richest person (Paul Allen is *only* worth 17 billion). He and Warren Buffett (and a lot of other really rich people) are going to be donating almost all of their fortunes to philanthropy.

I’m still working on my fortune, though, so here are some Microsoft shirts that sold!

Vintage Microsoft Electronics Shirt eBay Sold

Imagine how many of these gates has in his basement. Or his 2nd or 3rd basement. Maybe his airplane hangar?


I saved the best for last. With the prices that people are willing to pay for Apple products, it’s not surprising that there are people out there shelling out a lot of money for vintage Apple/Macintosh products.

Notice that the rainbow logo items are selling for a lot more! This makes sense because of the nostalgia factor and the date (they left the rainbow logo in the dust in 1998 after Steve Jobs returned).

Vintage Apple Macintosh Electronics Shirt eBay Sold

This reminds me, I really want to read the Steve Jobs biography.

Like, I said, I had a sale that put me down this rabbit hole, and it wasn’t from any of these three electronics companies.

It was FujiFilm!

Vintage Electronics FujiFilm Shirt eBay

Totally as cool as the other brands. 😉

Electronics Shirt Flip Details

  • Purchase price – $2
  • End Selling Price – $29.99
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $8.68

Total Profit:  $19.31

Now, this isn’t an amazing sale. I’m OK with that. The $29.99 price point is basically a bread and butter one for me.

When I bought this shirt, I knew that I could fit it in a  Padded Flat Rate Mailer – the best thing ever that the Post Office has put out! Anywhere in the U.S. for $5.35 ($5.70 if you aren’t TRS)!

Even though this purchase isn’t making me a billionaire, I think the lesson here is that even an “out there” electronics company could be a good buy!

Have you ever sold any vintage electronics swag?

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  1. I haven’t sold an vintage electronic swag yet, but I will be looking for some when I go thrifting this weekend.

    1. Post
  2. Love the site – looks I will have to add you to my daily reading! Always looking for new ideas to grab good inventory (especially during the winter with gsales winding down).

    1. Post

      Thanks! There’s always a great amount of inventory available, whether it’s garage sales, flea markets, or thrift stores. It’s nice that some are all available year-round while others aren’t. It’s almost like the downswing in available sources lines up perfectly with the selling season (if you live up north at least).

  3. Thanks for the info! I specifically thrift clothing and have never come across any vintage clothing with these electronic brands. But now I will definitely be keeping a look out, especially for any with apple branding.

    1. Post

      Yeah, I haven’t found much of these, but I think the best part is that a lot of vintage stuff sells, especially if it’s in a neat niche (sports, electronics, etc.)

  4. Hey $30 for a T-shirt is great..I just would have charged shipping. LOL. I don’t do much clothing, but it seems to be where people make the most $..people always buying clothes.

    1. Post

      Yeah, I don’t charge the shipping. If I did, I’d probably have had to put it at $23.99 instead of 29.99, so it really was the same thing in the end. I build the price into my sale price.

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