Vintage Hand Painted Silk Ties eBay Flip 2

Vintage Hand Painted Silk Ties

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The buying hiatus is over! So is the blogging hiatus! I think I just needed a little break from everything after traveling two weekends in a row. It’s amazing how many chores accumulate when you’re not around for a few weekends. Enough of that though, let’s got on to the eBay flip!

Not your ordinary ties

Vintage Hand Painted Silk Ties eBay Flip 1

“Hand Painted” definitely jumps out at you in the days of machine made clothing!

One of the ties in this buy was an unbranded one, but the other two were both vintage Towncraft ties. While researching the ties for listing, I found out some helpful info about Towncraft; Towncraft is a JCPenney’s brand. They still make new clothing that isn’t worth a lot. This includes men’s suits, blazers, and ties.

If it's blue, then it's not for you!

If the tag’s blue, then it’s not for you!

The blue tag above is the current Towncraft label. Just because it is a current Towncraft item doesn’t necessarily mean bad quality. It’s just in line with any other normal department store quality. Not something that you’re going to buy for the long haul.

These ties on the other hand were something else all together!

Awesome Tie Designs

These ties have great detail and content.

Vintage Hand Painted Silk Ties eBay Flip 2Vintage Hand Painted Silk Ties eBay Flip 3

Flamingos, beaches, and grouses. Oh my!

These ties are borderline novelty. I’m still on the fence on whether they’re a great conversation starter because they look cool or because they look ridiculous. Maybe we can have it both ways?

In general, beach novelty items from the 50’s and 60’s are a safe bet, and the woods scenes are always popular too.

The flamingo tie did have a small mark on the back of the fatter end, but since it would be facing the person wearing it, it didn’t really matter. I still made sure to disclose it though – you never want any surprises for the buyer.

Tie Flip Details

  • Purchase price – $0.75
  • End Selling Price – $85.00
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $14.27

Total Profit:  $69.98

The best part? There’s more than one best part!

First, all three ties went to the same buyer! I did end up cutting him a really sweet deal on the 3rd tie since he already agreed on the prices for the first two. Originally, I had the ties listed at a total of $110. You might say that $25 is a steep discount, but again, getting rid of all three within a month of listing made it worth it! I shipped it through eBay’s global shipping program and got glowing reviews.

Second, check out that purchase price! $0.25 a tie!! 🙂 Like shooting hand painted silk ties in a barrel. I wish they were all this easy.

And as a final note, this transaction wasn’t all rosey. Ignoring the buyer who haggled like a pro, I also was unsure if I’d even get paid! After negotiating a deal for him, he just disappeared off the face of the earth for about a week. I use eBay’s unpaid item assistant, and it automatically opens a case when a buyer doesn’t pay within 4 days (you can change this setting using eBay’s instructions for the Unpaid Item Assistant). Near the end of the 4 days, he sent me a message saying that his wallet had been stolen while on vacation and they had been delayed in coming back. He then asked if I could wait another week until pay day.

Looking at the situation, I had two outcomes: first, I could just say no way, get my final value fees back, re-list the ties, and wait for 3 new potential buyers. The 2nd, and the option I ended up choosing, was to say no problem. Worst-case, I’d still go through with option 1 but it would be delayed by a week.

Generally, as long as a buyer is communicating with me, I won’t open an unpaid case. Things happen and sometimes money gets tied up. I get it. In the end, he paid as promised, and both of us were happy!

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  1. Would you actually wear one of these ties? I saw someone had a tie with naked women on the back..who wears this stuff?

    1. Post

      If you have to ask then you’re definitely not in the cool group!

  2. I love me some ties. Those are amazing! They are a piece of art. Wish my hubby liked to wear button down shirts..I’d make him wear some of the ties in my inventory! 🙂

    1. Post

      I have too many ties that aren’t even listed yet. I’ll stick with wearing my cheapo kohl’s no name ties that look nice with one outfit!

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