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Vintage Men’s Underwear – Need More Support

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Today is going to be a serious topic. Seriously hysterical – vintage men’s underwear. Get comfortable with it now, because we’re going to get down and dirty (gross), and I’ll try not to be too brief.

First and foremost – I’m not talking about used underwear. That’s a whole ‘nother topic that I’m not going to get into. eBay does have an “adult” side, but let’s leave that for another day. Far in the future. Really far.

Look for the deals under there. Underwear?

I did find a few listings that sold huge lots of men’s underwear that were worn (used, but laundered) that specifically called out that they were thrift store finds, but that’s not for me. Best part is that she listed them as “New with defects”! All the power to anyone who’s willing to dig around in the used underwear at the thrift store, but that’s where I draw the line!

Vintage Lot Men's Underwear Thong Brief eBay

The only defect here is that some dude is wearing these thongs! I hope no one is eating breakfast while reading this post.

So, the reason I brought this up is that I’d known for a while that vintage men’s underwear can be worth a ton. I’d sold some long underwear that were new in the package for $30 before (and that was just the shirt). When I was at a garage sale and found some vintage ladies’ underwear still in the package, I thought I hit the jackpot!

Vintage Ladies' Bikinis Underwear Fruit of the Loom eBay

It’s funny to see the color variety from the 80s/90s compared to today. And don’t worry, the stain on there is on the bag, not the undies! These are brand new!

Turns out that women don’t seem to be into the old underwear like the guys are. These are only listed for $22.99 and have been listed for a month or so with no watchers. I’m OK with this because I got a TON of inventory from the lady who sold me these. I got a lot of other things all for $75 at her garage sale. Thinking back, I’m sure that she thought I was a weirdo buying vintage ladies’ underwear. Eh, I’ll probably never see her again! … RIGHT?

It turns out I wasn’t right. I’ve actually been at this specific garage sale 3 times! First time was last year, and then twice this year. She had boxes and boxes of clothes. And the icing on the cake? Her family got seated at the table next to us at a restaurant shortly after. She most likely was making fun of me in Vietnamese. Eh, I’ll probably never see her again! (Déjà vu?)

But really, what is up with guys loving old underwear? My generation hasn’t even worn briefs since the 90s. Underwear from the 70’s and 80’s can bring in some serious dough. Running shorts and swimming trunks didn’t have any of the mesh support. Instead, the users would buy one of these bad boys.

Vintage Men's BIKE Jock Strap New eBay

This jock strap sold for $199 + S/H (it still had the box it came in and was brand new). BIKE is now owned by Russel Athletics, and mostly makes sports equipment (football pads). They’ve sold over 300 million jock straps. That’s a whole lot of jock.

What types of Vintage Men’s Underwear to Look for?

First, I was going to include “style” but really there are only three that seem to be popular: briefs, thongs, and jock straps. Once again, I really hope that no one is trying to eat breakfast while reading this.

Country of Manufacture

Like most older clothing, your first thing to look for (other than a date on the package – LOL package) is the country it was manufactured. Underwear made in the USA is the oldest, but after that Taiwan and Hong Kong would bring you into the 90s and still have re-sale value. If it says Made in China, it’s probably not worth it.

If it’s older, then you can buy them for $1 without breaking a sweat. I knew my ladies’ underwear would sell eventually, and the best part is that you can just throw them in a poly bag. I might ship an expensive pair Priority just for the extra insurance coverage, but still not too shabby!


If you don’t feel like looking at the completed listings on eBay for vintage men’s underwear (do I really need to see that many zoomed in crotch shots?), here’s the brands that you’re going to want to keep an eye out for:

  • Bike (Jock Strap)
  • Jockey
  • Speedo
  • Fruit of the Loom (Golden Waistband sell for more)
  • Really, anything from the mid 90’s and earlier that’s still in the package – one pack of 7 from 1995 sold for $75.

After all of this, I began to think about what I wear. I get mine at Target, and they’re about $20-25. That’s ~$5 a pair. So are these guys buying a 7 pack for $75 that crazy?

Maybe the tighty whities make them look really, really good?
Walter White Breaking Bad Underwear Briefs Tighty Whities

No, no they can’t make them look good. Ever.

Have you sold underwear on eBay? Was it new or used?

Image Credit: Ignite

P.S. I’m into my last week of the #NoNoiseNovember Challenge. Almost there! The long car ride will be a good test!

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  1. I cannot believe people buy old underwear on eBay. I wouldn’t even look twice at a package in the store, not even to look it up on eBay to see if it would sell. Wow. Does the elastic still work?

    1. Post

      LOL right? Generally, the elastic is fine. That would probably be more of an issue with the used (but laundered!) underwear.

  2. Well I was eating my lunch while reading this post :-(. This just goes to show that money can be made anywhere, even at the bottom of a laundry bin. I have yet to sell used underwear on eBay and I don’t think I will. I will have to surrender all of those profits to you my friend! How would you deal with a return request :-p.

    1. Post

      LOL! I’m going to stay away from that too. There really is money anywhere, you just need to be comfortable with how you’re making it. Margaret over at Live Like No One Else mentioned used socks on eBay too. Super gross to me but some people are just into different things!

  3. I’ve sold a lot of vintage women’s granny panties on eBay (nylon, made in the USA). My best sell was purchased for .25 cents and sold for $252!! The secret is that they’re purchased by men. If you can get over that fact they’re a super easy flip and the prices are excellent.

    1. Post

      Were they used? That’s a pretty awesome return! I don’t care who buys the item from me. I’m gonna have to go research granny panties on eBay now. I don’t know how I feel about that… LOL

  4. Ha, thats funny you should ask. I just bought some vintage lingerie at an auction and the first thing that sold was ONE pair of womens panties (granny panties) that sold for $40.00. Now mind you, they were new with tags, because used…ew. I did sell a 4 pack of mens briefs, not old, still had the walmart tag, also new in package, and they sold fairly quickly for $20.00. I only paid $2.00. They did go overseas so maybe they like our brands better?

    1. Post
  5. I’ve never sold the vintage undies, but I do sell quite a bit of vintage hosiery. Normally it’s fine, but as someone mentioned, sometimes the elastic is messed up..even though it’s brand new in package. I guess it depends how old it is. Thanks for sharing this info!

    1. Post

      I never even thought to check the elastic if it was new. I don’t think I would open the package, just take the hit on the return if i had to.

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