Vintage Owl Blow Molds Tiki Patio Party RV Lights eBay

Vintage Owl Collectibles – Lights, Wall Hangings, and Clocks!

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I’ve heard from a few forums and Facebook groups that vintage owls are popular. Or at least that people who have owl collections are crazy about them. I figured I’d take a shot and boy did it work out!

I was at an estate sale and had gone through the house and the “man cave” which was a shed out in the back yard. On the way back, I looked in the garage and saw something that caught my eye.

Vintage Owl Blow Molds Tiki Patio Party RV Lights eBay

Who wouldn’t want to party at the RV with these lights?

I don’t remember where, but I could have sworn that I saw these selling for a lot of money. I figured I’d take a shot for a couple of bucks.

The funny thing was that we only stopped at this estate sale because it was on the way to a flea market… where my dad found more of these style lanterns! They weren’t owls, but they were the same material and brand.

On top of that, I also grabbed a pair of owl wall hangings, an electric Owl clock, and another Owl clock that was battery-powered.

This was all in a 2 hour period.. I guess I was on a bit of an owl kick?

My wife was a HUGE help and ended up cleaning all of the lanterns while I tested out the clocks. She had to un-string all of the lights, wash all of the lanterns in a big tub, and re-string them after testing the lights out. Turned out that only about half of the set of lights worked (we put the owls on that set) and included the non-working lights with a description of “not working” in the listing.

I combined the wall hangings and the owl clock because they were both brown and didn’t sell for too much by themselves. I found listings of the clock for $25 and the hangings for $15. The second owl clock ended up getting junked because it wouldn’t work. Too bad I didn’t test it at the flea market, but I didn’t have any batteries.

Vintage Owl Wall Hangings Clock Burwood eBay

Am I the only one imagining these hanging over a shag carpet?


This is one of those flips where you don’t feel any guilt at all (I used to) about selling something you bought for a couple of bucks for hundreds. My wife put in a lot of work cleaning and testing these. She actually helped me pack the item too!

The funny thing was that they were going just over to the next state, so it was actually cheaper to ship it in two normal sized boxes instead of putting them in one oversized one.

Here are the details of the flips

Owl Lights
  • Purchase price – $3
  • End Selling Price – $135 (Took a best offer from $200 which was a really high price)
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $21.21

Total Profit:  $110.79

Owl Wall Hangings and Clock
  • Purchase price – $5 (including the one I ended up throwing out)
  • End Selling Price – $54.99
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $15.56

Total Profit:  $34.43

Since this flip, I saw the same owl clock at a barn sale, and it was in the box! I eagerly popped it out to look at the condition and figured I could test it since the barn had electricity. It didn’t work so I ended up putting it on back on the table.

Keep an eye out for any vintage 70’s or earlier owls! They can sell for a lot of money!

Just be careful with some of the individual items. Don’t be afraid to hold on to something until you can get another item to lot with it like I did with the wall hangings and the clock.


No “who”/owl puns. It was a struggle to not use it!

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  1. I have seen those very same owl wall hangings at thrift stores!!! And of course, I remember them from my friend’s houses as a kid…

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      LOL! Yeah, I don’t think they would have sold for much by themselves, but lotting it together with the clock really helped.

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  2. Wow, great profit. I am not brave enough to price my thrift store items that high. But when I have priced items a bit higher than I am comfortable with, with a best offer, I am always giddy and shocked when they sell for higher than what I would ever pay for them! Thanks for sharing your owl items with us.

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      Don’t worry Karen. We all started there. As you find better and better items (or learn what items are “mediocre”), then you’ll get more confident and list higher!

  3. Have you ever tried selling the non-working ones? As long as you disclose that you know that, some people may just want them for decoration.

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      I haven’t but only because the clocks weren’t worth that much. They sold for $25 by themselves working, so for parts would have been under my $20 limit.

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  4. Nice score Chris. Love the lights and the wall hangings. I knew the lights were good resellers, but that’s an awesome ROI!!

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      I was stoked. I think the extra styles helped even though they’d need more lights. I’m going to keep an eye out for them in the future though!

  5. Nice! WHOOO would have thought? Sorry…couldn’t resist. I feel like you’ve just added to my mind-artillery of things to look for. Isn’t it amazing how once you open your eyes to new things, they just pop out at you from then on out? The same thing happened to me with fountain pens. Once I watched an episode of Thrift Hunter where he found one, I’ve been finding a bunch and profiting ever since! I’ll be sure to check people’s basements for owl and other vintage looking lights from now on!

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      LOL nice. The best description I saw of how it feels is that you’re like the Terminator. You can look around the room and see items and value that pop up on a HUD. It’s pretty neat to find this kind of stuff and know that it’s worth something!

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