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Wheel of Fortune Electronic Handheld eBay Flip

Am I the only one who ends up yelling at the TV just as loud for NFL games as contestants screwing up on Wheel of Fortune?

Tiger electronic handheld games can bring you in some nice cash. I may need to bring you on a convoluted route to prove my point, but we’ll get there! Hold on to your seats.

First little note that’s probably only interesting to me is that as I began for this post, I found out that Tiger Games is not the same as Tiger Electronics! If you notice in the picture above, the Tiger Games logo has something that looks like a claw swipe above it. The Tiger Electronics which I actually wanted to write about makes the “R” have an extra long tail…. you know, like a tiger!

Tiger_Electronics Logo Ebay Flip

Seeing this brings me back to the 90’s!

At the time, these handheld games were actually fun, and we didn’t have Game Boy, Game Gear, Nintendo DS, DSi, 3DS, smart phones, or even dumb phones with games. Now, the games look terrible, the controls are impossible to figure out, and the sound makes you grit your teeth. But the people buying these are buying for NOSTALGIA. They don’t care if the game is crappy. They want to re-create the feelings they had when they were a kid and played these games. This is good news for sellers!

Here are some rules of thumb that you can use when on the prowl (tiger pun!) for handheld electronic games at garage sales or thrift stores!

Older Electronic Games are Better

As with a lot of different video games, the older ones are more popular. This is especially true with handhelds. There seems to have been a brief period during the 80’s when the quality became decent (relative to what other games were available then) and there’s not a huge quantity that were made. This is a great thing for people like you and me who are looking for deals!


You’re going to want to look at the art work and make sure there’s no significant tears or scratches. If it’s new in the box, then this can be a gold mine! When you have one of these puppies to sell, always take a picture with a test battery in to show that the cells on the screen are working. I will usually take the battery out before I ship though (Hey, that battery can be used to test something else!). Just make sure to say “batteries not included” in the listing.

Content is King

I’m going with a gut feel here. There were a lot of handheld games that went along with actual video games. I’m not sure if handhelds were a way to have a lower barrier to entry in terms of cost (cheaper to buy a hand-held than a system, TV, and cartridge) or whether they were just another marketing gimmick. “Muh-om! I need to have the handheld version of the Double Dragon game so I can play it on the way to Jimmy’s where we’ll play the real one on his NES!”

Video games from the 90’s bring in a premium. Disney sets can bring in some money (like selling a lot of 5 from different 90’s Disney movies).

So you may be asking, “you’re telling me that content is king, then why do you have a Wheel of Fortune game? That’s pretty generic, right?” Let’s take a look at the numbers and then we can talk!

Flip details

  • Purchase price – $1
  • End Selling Price – $9.99
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $4.52

Total Profit:  $4.47

Well, crap. There goes my argument!

~$5 isn’t worth my time!

Yeah, I get it. Ignoring the fact that there aren’t a lot of other ways for you to just turn $1 into $5 if you’re a salaried employee (can’t work OT) as easily as re-selling on eBay, you’re right. This is not ideal. I personally have a lot of items that can bring in a lot more profit just waiting to be listed right now. This one is definitely below my usual threshold.

The thing is that if you are flipping consistently, you are going to buy things that aren’t that great and aren’t above your profit threshold at some time or another. But that purchase is a learning experience, and you can just pass it up next time. Or you can decide to buy it again. I mean, this Wheel of Fortune game was cheap to buy, required very little prep for listing, and was easy to ship!

I personally don’t like these types of sales and try to avoid them. The only saving grace is that I actually found the exact same handheld the next day before I even got this one listed!  So when I did the listing, I was able to use one listing and just put the quantity at 2, which was a huge time saver.

So now let’s look at selling two:

  • Purchase price – $2
  • End Selling Price – $19.98
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $9.04

Total Profit:  $8.94

OK, this isn’t as bad! Obviously not breaking bank, but just goes to show you that a $9 profit on a “mistake” is AWESOME!

But just to make sure that you all don’t think I’m crazy picking up these handheld electronics, let’s take a look at some completed listings (sorted from highest to lowest to make a point).  See, there are some big fish out there!

Tiger Electronics Handheld eBay Flip

Make sure you pounce (tiger pun 2!) on ones like these and pass up the Wheel of Fortune ones! Unless you need the $4.50…. I won’t judge though; every little bit helps!

Image Credit: Vector.me

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  1. Is there a market for non-working games for parts? I see some of them where the video is partially working and always wondered if sold as a lot, could some techie repair them?

  2. Hey $4.50 is a cup of coffee at Starbucks 🙂 or lunch at your favorite fast food place.

  3. $5 bucks isn’t a lot of profit..hopefully it took only a few minutes to photograph, list and ship. But I always tell myself that if I sell a million items at $1 net profit, that’s a $1 million dollars! LOL

    My son’s friend (a sophomore in high school) sells quite a bit on ebay. He usually makes about $5 – $10 profit, but for him, that’s great $ and better than flipping burgers!

    1. Post

      That’s great that your son is getting into the eBay game so early! I wish I was doing that – granted I had a BLAST working at Dunkin Donuts in high school with my friends and wife (gf at the time).

      This was super easy to list – front and back picture, and super easy to ship, padded mailer. And no picture for the 2nd one. I originally thought I’d be making more in the beginning, but obviously didn’t. Ended up listing them because I had 2 though and it worked out!

  4. That Space Invaders calculator is exactly the kind of thing I would impulsively blow a bunch of my Paypal funds on with no regrets.

    I have done alright selling those moderns “Plug N Play” game systems. They are all over the thrift stores and yard sales these days and, while not usually worth a lot individually, you can get some decent bucks if you lot 4 or 5 together.

    The older handheld games can sell for a lot even when they don’t work, too.

    1. Post

      I actually just bought one of those plug n play games this weekend! We’ll see how it goes.

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