Polo Ralph Lauren Black Button Front Vest eBay

White and gold? Blue and black?

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Even though I live under a rock when it comes to news, I still heard about that damn dress.

I first saw the dress, and it was obviously blue and black! I thought anyone else was a moron if they thought otherwise!

Later in the day, a teacher-Facebook friend posted a picture of a test for his students where he had a bonus question that asked “what color is this dress?”

I SWORE he put up a different picture (it wasn’t)! It was a white and gold dress. Then a co-worker made fun of me, and the more I looked at the picture, the dress changed before my eyes back to its original black and blue that I was used to.


What does this have to do with eBay at all?

It’s a great lesson on how poor photographs can alter the color of an item

I learned a few lessons through screw ups and realized that you must include the colors of the fabric in your listings

My favorite way to do this is to include something like “it’s green like a pickle” or “red like salsa” or “tan like oak.” These really help people visualize the color and stop second guessing their purchases. Plus, we all know how “blue” can mean about 800 different colors.

As an example, I had a “situation” with a recent buyer. I bought an awesome Polo Ralph Lauren button front vest (Gotta love Polo Ralph Lauren). It was a nice dark black. Or so I thought.

I get a message from the buyer saying that the vest isn’t black, it’s actually a really dark navy. I couldn’t believe it!

Polo Ralph Lauren Black Button Front Vest eBay

See how the tag is a light navy and the vest is completely black?

First, the flip details:

  • Purchase price – $3.99
  • End Selling Price – $60.00
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $11.70

Total Profit: $44.31

Great flip! But the message deflated me.

So, how have I handled it?

I said, “I’m sorry that you think the vest is blue instead of black! I checked to make sure it was black when I listed it by comparing it to a black shirt of mine. If you’re not happy with the purchase, I’ll gladly accept a return.”

I’m offering the buyer an out. eBay loves this kind of customer service.

The message back? “The navy blue isn’t as versatile as the black vest would have been. Because of this, I wouldn’t have wanted to pay as much as I did.”

Ah, the old fisherman fishing for a partial refund.

My latest response?

Radio Silence (this is patent pending by the crew over at Scavenger Life)

As a seller, I’ve done my due diligence, and let the buyer know that I accept returns. If they pushed the issue, I’d probably even pay for the return even though I’m sure I was right. You want to keep your buyers happy, but you also want to be reasonable.

The thing is, dark navy really does look like black sometimes! Esquire even has an article about telling the difference between navy and black suits.

My method is to compare to a black t-shirt or a little garbage can I have at my desk, both of which I know are black.

But then there’s that feeling in the back of my head… what if the vest is like that stupid dress.

Please tell me what you think!

Is this vest blue or black?

Also check out  Nandry over at The Teen Thrifter who had a similar issue recently. It’s not just me! At least she’s asking for advice before posting though. Smart girl.