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Woolrich – eBay Clothing Series #6

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Day # 6 of my eBay Clothing Series and the #YourTurnChallenge. Almost. There.

Today’s didn’t come out at 6AM and there’s no way tomorrows is either. Deal with it.

Monopoly Deal Wikipedia eBay

Don’t worry, I scanned this already, and it doesn’t sell for much on Amazon.

We’ll finish off with the last brand theme (spoiler alert: tomorrow is a style, not one brand) with an even older American brand, Woolrich!

Woolrich – It can be pretty old

Pendleton and L.L. Bean were started in the early 1900s. Woolrich puts them to shame! They were started in Woolrich, Pennsylvania in 1830 and are the oldest manufacturer of outerwear in the United Sates!

A lot of the information from previous brands applies to Woolrich too. This makes things a little easier for resellers.

Made in USA
Woolrich Made in USA eBay

I always look at the 1 auction that only completed for 14.99 and think “Why didn’t they just do a Buy It Now? They could have sold it for $30+!”

Since Woolrich has such a rich American heritage, it’s not surprising that the items that are made in the USA sell better. Ones made overseas will sell, but you need to be a little more selective.

Wool… again

Anyone else find it ironic that I love to sell wool Woolrich clothing? As I talked about with Pendleton and L.L. Bean, wool is just a very popular material. 100% wool or wool blends that don’t just have a synthetic like nylon are your best bet. These sell in the $30+ range easily!

Woolrich Wool Moose Noridc Sweater

This sweater was actually a wool blend, but it also had 17% Angora Rabbit Hair and 9% Nylon. Sold for $39.99!

Flannels – Be selective

You’ll notice that this flannel isn’t made in the US. I did sell it for $25 with free shipping though. Similar to the L.L. Bean flannels, the heavier ones that are US made just sell for more.

Woolrich Plaid Flannel eBay

I’m running out of witty things to say. Let’s be honest, I probably ran out after my first post.

Vintage = Cash Money

Here’s a Vintage “Woolrich” Jacket. The thing is, I’m still not sure if this coat was technically a Woolrich brand coat. It had a detachable hood and was filled with goose down.

Vintage Woolrich Teton Puffer Jacket eBay

Vintage puffer jackets are really hot now! ESPECIALLY ones that have goose down.

The tag said “The Teton Mountain Coat” and mentioned that it was made in Woolrich, PA. Because of this, I ended up using Woolrich in my title. I sold coat for $150 – a great ROI on a $10 buy!

The buyer was a huge hunting fan and gave the feedback “just what ive always wanted.” This is the kind of feedback eBay resellers love! Although I will also take the “good” one I got the other day as long as it’s still a positive feedback.

Teton Mountain Coat Woolrich eBay

See, it does say “Woolrich”!

Ridiculous Themes (It’s a theme in this clothing series)

Ridiculous stuff sells well all the time. I always try to grab crazy shirts since ugly sells. This shirt jumped right out of the water and into my shopping cart (boat)!

Woolrich Trout Shirt eBay

Some dude loves fishing if they’re wearing this. Edit: How the hell did I not notice the misspelling of “Unlimited”?

I can only imagine going out into public wearing this shirt with a trout on it. Maybe he was going on a fishing weekend?

I have to remember one of the mantras of the guys over at the Scavenger Life: “I am not my target buyer.” couldn’t have said it better!

Tomorrow will be the last day in my 7 day clothing series and the #YourTurnChallenge. I’m excited for the finish so I can take a bit of a break!

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Image Credit: Blackmissionary

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  1. Thanks for all this great info in your series! It’s very helpful.

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      ….. Holy Moly. You’re right! Now I’m wondering if it was an aftermarket amendment… GOOD CATCH!

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  2. OMG! I see Woolrich ALL THE TIME in my thrift stores. I had no idea it was worth anything! So excited to try a flip and see what happens…

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  3. This series is very good! Also, you have a spelling error at the bottom. Coiuldn’t have said it better -> couldn’t have said it better.

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      Hah. I actually had 3 other spelling errors that I just found on top of this one. Maybe I can start offering a 10% discount on one item from my eBay store for any errors found. Readers will come in droves!

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